• Education


    The safety and welfare of your child is the number one priority of Grapeland I.S.D.

    Secondly, we will continually remind your child of the 7 A's of success.

    Accountability- Our students must take responsibility in all things for where they are and where they will end up.

    Attendance- Coming to school every day will assure that your child will maximize their learning experience.

    Attitude- A positive attitude each and every day will also set your child up for success. They will always face obstacles, but their attitude toward them will make a great difference.

    Academics- At Grapeland I.S.D., first and foremost, we will stress the importance of academics. Your child's education will determine what their future looks like.

    Attention- We will continually ask your child to respect the classroom and pay attention to instruction, direction and correction.

    Appearance- We believe appearance speaks for you before you even open your mouth. We will stress to our students the importance of dressing to impress.

    Aspiration- We will stress to your child the importance of beginning with the end in mind. We want our students to set high academic expectations and have them continually strive for greatness.


    Together we will make a difference in your child's life.